Safeguarding Your Interests When Ownership Of Significant Assets And Property Are At Stake During Divorce

Ideally, opponents in a divorce can each receive an "equitable distribution" of marital assets as the marriage ends.

But that is the ideal, one not often achieved. If you feel that your voice is not being heard during discussions of division of assets and property in your Florida divorce, the first step to retaining your investment in your marriage is to contact an experienced attorney who will protect your rights.

In Leesburg and The Villages, and throughout Lake, Sumter and Marion counties, that skilled lawyer is Robert E. Bone Jr. of The Bone Law Firm.

Robert E. Bone Jr. listens to your goals, reviews your financial picture, researches marital assets that are rightfully yours and generally advocates for you during property division negotiations and in court if necessary. His 25 years of family law experience and record of successful service for clients just like you should give you strength and confidence that your interests are being fully safeguarded.

Dividing Marital Property? The Bone Law Firm Can Help

Among assets that may be in play during your contested or high net worth divorce are real estate of all kinds (primary, vacation and retirement residences, rental property, ranches and farms); big-ticket items such as motor vehicles, aircraft, boats and personal watercraft; closely held family businesses in need of valuation; deferred income, retirement income, stocks, stock options and bonds; access to bank accounts in our state, elsewhere in the U.S. and overseas; valuable heirlooms, memberships, collectibles and many more.

The Bone Law Firm wants you to be able to retrieve your fair share of everything you brought into your marriage and fairly divided portions of possessions accumulated during it. Contact us to arrange a confidential initial consultation. Call 352-702-0572 or email us.