The Facts You Need About Florida Child Support And Alimony

Florida family law requires that the needing parent of dependent children receive regular child support after a divorce and for a spouse in need to receive financial support.

If you are unclear as to the appropriate level of alimony or child support that applies to your financial situation — if you feel you are paying too much or receiving too little — our experienced Leesburg and The Villages family law firm can help.

At The Bone Law Firm, skillful divorce attorney Robert E. Bone Jr. explains state income-based calculations of child support to you and can negotiate on your behalf in discussions about what you can afford in the way of spousal support. He educates you to the factors that courts examine when determining levels of alimony and advocates for your goals in family court if needed.

As your lawyer, Mr. Bone can also represent your interests in requesting or contesting moves to modify support provisions of an existing divorce settlement agreement, caused by sudden, substantial changes in circumstance — a lost job or the need to seek employment out of state, for example. Also, if you are a parent who has gone without financial assistance because the payer has shirked specific support obligations, Mr. Bone can seek a court-ordered enforcement to compel the party to contribute.

Are you an unmarried father who is willing to undergo DNA testing to establish paternity, offer regular child support and become closer to your son or daughter? Are you a single birth mother in need of support to make ends meet for yourself and your children?

In these and many other situations, The Bone Law Firm can be your rock to lean on. Contact our law offices today to schedule a confidential initial consultation. Call 352-702-0572 or send an email message.