Creative Solutions For Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

The task of keeping children stable and co-parenting after a divorce can be an uphill battle.

Disputes can arise over support issues, aspects of a child's upbringing — such as education and a faith foundation — and above all, issues related to custody and visitation when co-parents seek prominent roles in children's lives.

At The Bone Law Firm in Leesburg and The Villages, we can skillfully negotiate resolutions and aggressively litigate favorable outcomes for clients struggling with child access matters before, during and after a divorce. Robert E. Bone Jr. uses his 25 years of valuable divorce and family law experience to arrive at efficient, professional and economically conscientious answers to domestic legal problems.

Mr. Bone educates, supports and guides clients to practical, lasting conclusions for custody and visitation disputes. He listens carefully as you describe your objectives and responds with realistic assessments of your chances for success. His advocacy can be especially beneficial to you when a post-judgment modification of financial support or visitation is needed, due to relocation or a lost job, or an enforcement of settlement agreement obligations when responsibilities are not being fulfilled.

Experienced Representation Of Your Florida Child Custody And Visitation Rights

All of these quality legal services are founded upon one overriding priority — "the best interests of the child." Robert E. Bone Jr. strives to preserve your relationships with your children, now that your marriage is ending. The outcomes he prefers are amicable ones that set a tone of cooperation for the future, give you control of your destiny and make your sons and daughters proud of your efforts for years to come.

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