Protecting Your Rights In Florida Probate Courts For 25 Years

Administering a loved one's estate is much easier, and much less expensive, when a last will and testament is present. When one isn't, a number of obstacles will need to be navigated during probate proceedings in court.

For either eventuality, the experienced estate and probate attorney who excels in situations both smooth and not-so-smooth is Robert E. Bone Jr. of The Bone Law Firm in Leesburg, The Villages and surrounding areas.

Mr. Bone's quarter century of experience gives him unique insights for effective coordination of estates with trustees, beneficiaries and executors, and aggressive advocacy when disagreements among family members develop into will contests. He represents clients' rights when allegations of undue influence, incompetency and mysterious last-minute changes to a will arise, and when accusations of misappropriation of funds for trusts threaten to divide survivors in contentious disputes.

These worst-case scenarios point up the importance of having explicit wishes spelled out in a thorough, detailed estate plan. Such planning can go a long way toward accomplishing the planner's goals and helping his or her loved ones to avoid costly, time-consuming probate.

Are you seeking a refresh of an existing estate plan or about to undertake the probate legal process for the first time? Estate administration lawyer Robert E. Bone Jr. has the knowledge, support and personal service that can guide you to successful completion of your objectives and promote your peace of mind. Contact The Bone Law Firm today for an initial consultation. Call us at 352-702-0572 or reach us by email message.