Experienced Estate Planning Representation That Ensures Your Family's Future Financial Security

Estate planning is the preparation of a forward-looking, documented strategy for your family's financial security in your absence — your final gift to those you love most.

Probate and estate administration are the execution of that proactive preparation — ideally, solid documents that spell out your wishes for distribution of assets and property to survivors.

For attention to detail at both ends of the process, and anything that can happen in between, your interests should be protected by an attentive, detail-minded estate lawyer who cares.

In Leesburg, The Villages, and Lake and Sumter counties, that experienced probate attorney is Robert E. Bone Jr. of The Bone Law Firm.

Robert E. Bone Jr. has made estate planning one of the cornerstones of his practice during 25 years of successful service to a broad range of Florida clients. He shows you how to use wills, revocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, living wills and health care powers of attorneys to ensure that your family's needs are met. He can also educate you as to how to avoid or minimize estate taxes, keep your estate in the family, distribute family assets or personal mementos according to your wishes, and retain the ability to make other choices.

During your initial consultation and at every stage of your life that is relevant to your estate plan, Robert E. Bone Jr. guides you through the writing of your last will and testament, drafting of a revocable trust or guardianship if needed, and methods of avoiding probate that can cost your loved ones time, money, energy and emotions.

To get a sense of the many ways that The Bone Law Firm can help you leave your legal and financial affairs in order, in ways that those closest to you will appreciate, contact us to arrange an initial consultation. Call 352-702-0572 or email our law offices.