Knowledgeable, Compassionate Representation For Personal Bankruptcy Clients In Leesburg And Lake County

In today's uncertain, unpredictable economy, many individuals, couples and families in Florida are struggling with mountains of debt.

Debt consolidation and depleting home equity can often only make matters worse. The healthful, gradual strategy for true debt relief lies in the "fresh start" of Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy.

In Leesburg, The Villages and surrounding areas, experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney Robert E. Bone Jr. of The Bone Law Firm has the facts you need about how to eliminate many kinds of debt that can make your life miserable. He works hard to debunk the myths that have arisen since changes in bankruptcy law; remove the negative, embarrassing stigma that cause many people to avoid filing; and guide you through the complex, often confusing legal process.

Mr. Bone educates bankruptcy clients to "means test" eligibility issues for Chapter 7, advises them in advance of mandatory prebankruptcy credit counseling and customizes his representation to suit their unique, specific issues. He understands that many people find themselves in precarious financial positions through no fault of their own. Accumulating medical debt, an expensive divorce and dependence on credit cards to defray debt can put many families on an uncertain footing.

Robert E. Bone Jr. — A Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Cares About You

The Chapter 7 approach may eliminate most kinds of unsecured debt, such as credit cards; medical bills; most personal loans; judgments resulting from car accidents; and deficiencies on repossessed vehicles.

In addition to getting rid of your debt, property exemptions can be used to help you keep all of your possessions, as long as car and mortgage payments are current, and there is no significant equity in your non-homestead property. The Bone Law Firm is solidly in your corner if you have been threatened with mortgage foreclosure, wage garnishment, motor vehicle repossession and harassment by creditors.

In many cases, clients have depleted assets that would have been protected in bankruptcy. Contact us before you do.

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